• I work long hours, and I’m not sure I’d ever be available to meet with you during normal business hours. Is an in-person meeting absolutely necessary to retain your firm to represent me?

Not necessarily. In many instances the traditional in-person consultation just is not practical. After all, it may be a disservice to my clients to advise them to forgo a day’s work, or endanger their job prospects, just to come meet with me about eliminating their debt and planning for their financial future. It is certainly possible for us to discuss your case and enter into a retention agreement using the telephone, e-mail and/or fax, and this may also save you money.

If our relationship is to start electronically, however, it’s important to keep in mind that my understanding of your case is only as good as the documentation you provide me, and you will need to be diligent about keeping in regular communication and ensuring that I have all of the information I need to properly represent your interests..

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